Consultancy Led by Former Deloitte Consultant Helps Companies Survive and Thrive the Downturn

You'll be amazed at where cost is hidden in your organization. 

From the Desk of Cullen Hilkene, MBA

Los Angeles, CA

Dear Friend,

Times are a little uncomfortable right now.  Customers are still spending money.  Orders are still coming in.  But there's no question that things are softening a bit.

There's a lot that's out of our control with the economy.  But two things that aren't are your internal processes and how you allocate your dollars.

Did you know that the best companies in the world regularly assess their operational processes to ensure efficiency?  

Did you know that they also 

And that all marketing spend is analyzed to confirm ROI?

Are you familiar with Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)?  Customer Life Time Value (LTV)?  How to