• Sourcing

    Streamline procurement.  Vulcury Sourcing connects you with custom manufacturers around the world.


CNC parts from metals, plastics, resins, ceramics, and natural materials

Casting and Molding

Cast and injection molded parts made from silicone, plastics, metals, and urethanes

Additive Manufacturing

3D Printed parts made from metals, plastics, and resins








Sourcing Solution

What We Do

We use algorithms to connect you with the right experts

No supplier is great at everything.  But many suppliers are great at something.  Whatever your need, we make the right introductions to the right suppliers.

Fast Turn Parts

Quick turns? No problem.  We have suppliers around the planet, so we can connect you with domestic suppliers who can get parts out in as little as a day

Large Projects

Multifaceted, major project?  Again, no problem.  We can connect you with contract manufacturers who can do it all - or a mix of suppliers who are experts in their domain.

Find Your Custom Part Solution Today

Vulcury Sourcing supports you across the product lifecycle


Looking for onesy-twosy parts to refine a design?  We have an army of rapid prototyping houses capable of bringing your vision to life in plastic, metal, resin, ceramic, and more.

Production Runs

Need production volumes?  Or simply need bridge production while your tooling is built?  We have global solutions capable of providing you scale advantages.

More than just connections

Vulcury Sourcing was built using insights from 3Diligent, a legacy custom parts solution.  Every supplier has been vetted for quality and responsiveness.


Many suppliers carry certifications such as ISO 9001, AS9100, and ISO 13485.  Others are ITAR certified.  If you require certificates of conformance, material certifications, or inspection data, it's an option.


Suppliers have been vetted for responsiveness.  While suppliers aren't obligated to quote or manufacture your project, they all have strong track records of responsiveness and insight.

Our suppliers have supported some of the world's most renowned companies.

For inquiries, drop us a note

Please send us an email detailing your project requirements.  Details such as part size and quantity, material, tolerances, finish requirements, and certifications are useful to know.  Armed with that information, we should be able to make introductions.