• Vulcury is a Leader in Investments and Advisory Services

    Vulcury offers asset management services that executing multi-disciplinary investment strategies.  Vulcury also provides consulting and staff augmentation services.   
  • What's Driving the Market Up?

    Vulcury Insights: Exploring what's in a cooler-than-expected CPI number
  • Inflation Blame Game

    Vulcury CIO Cullen Hilkene comments on the factors contributing to inflation
  • Why is the Fed raising rates further?

    Vulcury Insights: The Fed's mandate tells you all you need to know about the outcome of the July Fed meeting.

Consultants and Investors

Vulcury is a modern advisory business built for the challenges of today.  Our consulting business, Vulcury Consulting, advises companies on matters of corporate strategy, growth,  digitization, supply chain, operational improvement, and cost cutting.  Vulcury Ventures invests in promising startups from Pre-Seed through A Rounds.  We share our perspective on the broader market through Vulcury Insights, our blog and newsletter. 

Vulcury Consulting

Business Advisors on such questions as growth, cost cutting, operational improvement, supply chain, product development, and corporate/M&A diligence.  We support companies across many industries, with a bias toward medium and large enterprise.

Vulcury Sourcing

Vulcury Sourcing works with engineers and buyers seeking to enhance their supplier networks and supply chains.  We connect them with custom manufacturers specializing in machining, casting, molding, and additive manufacturing

Vulcury Ventures

Vulcury Ventures invests in startup companies from pre-seed through A round.  We invest within two buckets: Industry 4.0 and Opportunistic.  We are keenly interested in next-gen manufacturing and supply chain, SaaS, marketplaces, consumer, health, and Web3.    

Interested in learning more?

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