The Industry 4.0 Platform

Vulcury Empowers Nimble Supply Chains and On-Demand Manufacturing

Vulcury's Solutions Help Companies Procure, Manage, and Present Their Business.

Vulcury is a cutting edge software platform built to help companies address the challenges of Industry 4.0 manufacturing. Using Vulcury, functions such as research, procurement, fulfillment, and shop management are all streamlined and synthesized. Gain the power of your supplier network - and critical insights from your data - by utilizing Vulcury software modules.

Why Vulcury?

The quality of both the software code and the services you will now be able to provide is delivered by the Vulcury platform. Read more about how the APIs work below.


How Vulcury Works

The Vulcury platform supports services for small and medium manufacturers. Utilize the different API applications to power your organization through custom Vulcury software


Vulcury Modules

The Vulcury platform is built as a collection of microservices that can be combined to suit the needs of your organization, from research databases, to procurement, to job shop management modules. Vulcury has you covered.


Industries Using Vulcury

Vulcury is empowered by the growing interconnectivity of the world and the Industry 4.0 supply web to provide for a broad range of industries.


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