Unveiling the Critical Pieces of a Company's Corporate Strategy

02.04.24 08:40 PM By Cullen - Comment(s)

Understanding a company's corporate strategy is key to grasping the overarching direction in which the company is headed. But what constitutes this strategy? Let's dissect the integral pieces that create a comprehensive corporate strategy.

Vision and Mission Statements

At the core of any corporate str...

Who is to blame for inflation?

11.11.22 01:34 PM By Cullen - Comment(s)

In this vlog post, Vulcury CIO Cullen Hilkene speaks to the factors contributing to the current inflationary environment.

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On Today's Market Surge

11.11.22 01:09 PM By Cullen - Comment(s)

Check out our commentary on today's market move, with an exploration of why today's less-hot-than-expected read of the Consumer Price Index is driving a bit market rally.

A No-Win Situation

15.09.22 01:09 PM By Cullen - Comment(s)

On a single day last week, markets sold off to the tune of nearly 1300 points on the Dow - just under 4%.  This was topped by downward moves of 4.32% on the S&P 500 and 5.16% on the NASDAQ.

All of this was an appropriate - if sudden - reaction to the facts on the ground.  Market had mov...

The Fed is going to hike rates by at least 75 bps. Here's why

21.07.22 03:46 PM By Cullen - Comment(s)

 The Fed Decision is within hours.


In recent weeks, there has been some exuberance in the stock market, as a few economic indicators suggested that perhaps the Fed wouldn’t tighten as much as the anticipated 75 bps hike.  Most recently, we’ve seen better-than-feared earnings from th...